A Few Thoughts
The physical suffering of people is due to several factors. One of them is the lack of awareness of our human existence. There are beliefs and doctrines we follow, by which we forget ourselves and practically cease to exist. They create the tremendous wound that we do not deserve to receive, to be recognized and appreciated. Humanity in general seeks recognition and appreciation, and we do the opposite. Another factor that influences our physical life is karmic, which I prefer to leave to the explanation of the reader's knowledge.

The biggest factor is the ignorance about our individuation, which means our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual existence. Due to the educational structures, we give to science the power of healing, and so we ignore and forget that the body has the power to heal itself. Originally, our body is created with a self-healing system, which is superficially known, and which we have ignored through the generations. All these factors together with the lack of information and knowledge related to allopathic and complementary medicine, and others like the astro-physical medicine of the future, really show us how little we know about ourselves and how we function in life. For example:  www.dr.escudero.com .

I believe in the integration of all knowledge in a universal consciousness. Allopathic and complementary medicine have to correlate with each other, in benefit of mankind. I always ask patients to inform their family doctor about the steps that they want to take about their health, even though he may have a different medical opinion. Your health, as your life, is in your hands!

We know we are "embedded" in a human physical form. We evolve as all other life forms, and at the end of our journey, we disintegrate into earth dust. The experiences we accumulate in life are part of a remarkable awareness from moment to moment, so we live only in the moment we are mindful of. This is the structure of my seminars as well! I know exactly what I want to share with you, but the contents may vary depending on the knowledge and needs of the individual and the group!

If you have a health-related profession, come to the workshop without your experiences and validating truth. If you cannot  do that, make a space within you, where you can deposit, without judgments, the unstructured knowledge that I offer. You will see that in doing so, you will find peace in and acceptance of my knowledge that is opposite to yours. Eventually, diversity will give way to integration.

You can apply this knowledge in your own work, business, therapy, relationships, or you can apply it to yourself or your family. Inside of you, life will be much easier and smoother. Gentleness will allow you to touch and affect the lives of those who cross your path!