Seminar for  health and care professionals

This seminar can be designed for caretakers regardless the educational background and work field, like allopathic and complementary therapists, and others. They can be people with much, little, or no knowledge of energy work, who would like to enlarge the scope of their services to humanity.


What is relevant for me is to give you the tools so you may use them with confidence and trust in your field of work. Therefore, to achieve the best in this seminar, I do strongly recommend you to come with empty hands and an empty mind! In this way, you will allow to accept the unknown, without much trouble.

We will focus more on the techniques that I have developed during all these years of experience. My intentions are to prepare you with these skills that will allow me to refer to you people, who are searching for a therapist with these types of training.

I do not have a judgment against or refusal of allopathic medicine. Contrary to that, I believe in the integration of all knowledge into a universal consciousness. I believe that allopathic and complimentary medicine have to integrate into oneness, and be at the service of humanity regardless the therapeutic approach.

You don't, necessarily, need to become a healer and work as such in the proper sense of the word. With all the changes you will experience in yourself, many realities will change, giving you an opportunity to see the effects in yourself and your clients.


You can apply this knowledge in your own work, in your relationships, and in your own development! Life will be easier and harmonic within you, and you will gently touch the lives of those who cross your path!


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