Introductory Seminar

Emotional Clarity
Discovering your full Potential


Zvonimir E. Cekalovic Ballón
B. Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
McTimoney Chiropractor

After working in The Netherlands for more than thirty years as a chiropractor, healer, and counselor, my work has unfolded into sharing my professional and personal experience, through interactive lectures and seminars, I offer in countries of the European Community.

All these years, I have been taking care of people, hearing their stories, and sharing very deep experiences.  I learned that most of the dysfunctions and diseases we develop, have an unconscious emotional factor. They jeopardize the ability of our personal true expression.  Therefore, we determine our reality based on our feelings, beliefs, and their reactions.

All the pain or pleasure manifested in the interaction between us, depends on how clear we are emotionally. If we are clear, we feel the interaction is harmonious and beneficial for all. Communication is more assertive and focused. This emotional clarity makes us take decisions based on the reality that we are aware of, at the time that things are happening. Our body becomes more sensitive, balanced and healthier, thus more ready to act.

Taking these professional experiences in my mind and in my heart, I created a series of seminars called "Emotional Clarity: Discovering your full potential". The essence of these is related to: The development of consciousness, creation and materialization, social integration and diversity, concentration, personal power, business or labor fluency, health, etc. Furthermore, any other subject that may emerge according to the needs within the group or an individual.  All these subjects are elements of individuation. There is not a study book to follow, there is just  a new consciousness to experience and express.

All these topics are combined with simple chiropractic and energy techniques. The objective is to train the sensitivity of the entire body. After going through these experiences, people have options in the recovery process of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. All this happens by recognizing and experiencing a clear transformation of emotions through their bodies.

I have been presenting these seminars at a national and international level. I’ve got an incredible response in the Netherlands and Slovenia. Now I am promoting them in other countries  of the European Community as well. By the reactions of the participants, I know that my work is a valuable and useful tool for those who are looking for their place in society, and for clear emotional health in their life. Participants are from different social classes. Please read "Participants experiences".


The main objective of these interactive seminars is for people to  experience their individuation, which is the full recognition of the self, of the acceptance and integration of who they are and how they are. Thus, they feel so worthy and valuable whereas before they feared the outside world. In this way, they can participate in the development of the society with equality, trust and security. This type of individuation transforms health and creates harmony, since  decisions are taken with a focused and clear mind. Integration is the result of this work.

Introduction Basic Seminar

The seminar "Emotional Clarity: Discovering your full Potential" is designed to provide and develop basic skills. At the same time, it is an introspective personal work that allows us to enter the unknown world of healing with love, care and trust. After this basic introductory seminar, you can participate in a year training, if you really want to explore your human excellence more consciously .

Year Training

The year training consists of four consecutive seminars of three days each, throughout the year. The work is very intensive and at the same time, with much awareness. It makes people to start revealing their skills and human excellence as therapists, parents, friends, partners or couples, professionals, etc. A whole gamma of virtues begins to germinate in consciousness.

In each following seminar, inactive elements of personal blockages emerge to the surface. They show the illusion in which they were created originally. These experiences give the options and opportunities to work with safety in the present on these blockages created by past experiences. The recognition and acceptance of them give the choice to transform the perception of those experiences, thus giving freedom and joy as a result of work done.


Realizing your potential

The year training offers participants a development road to gain clarity on the interaction between themselves and their environment, with their own reality as the starting point. From contacting their body and heart, they recover inner strength, discover qualities and talents, learn to express themselves and define their position. Self-confidence and self-appreciation grow, and with them the courage and resolve to put all discoveries into practice within their own work environment.

Concretely they experience a range of changes: they show vulnerability, engage in open communication, transmit intentions clearly, prioritize, put limits, co-operate effectively and purposefully, solve conflicts productively, respond creatively, take up new challenges, and work spontaneously and joyously. They increase their professionalism and shape their career authentically.


Governmental Institutions
Public and Private Organizations

Within the frameworks of the socio-economic and educational policies, there is always room for developing new ideas and programs to benefit persons, groups and institutions. All of them created with the purpose to raise standards and welfare of society.

The interactive program I offer in my seminars is a source of inspiration, transformation, information, creativity, health, etc. It gives to participants the shape and space to discover their uniqueness. They take their place in the organization they work in, and the society they participate in. They develop insights and make changes at all levels of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence. Therefore, I strongly recommend the implementation of this knowledge in any organization or institution wishing to raise their effectiveness.

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The deeper we go into our consciousness, the wider and brighter becomes our existence on earth”.
Now is the right time and moment to materialize and follow the footsteps that you have already created with your imagination in your earthy journey”

It is my wish and pleasure to bring you to the doorstep of your journey!

Take great care of yourself and those ones you love dearly.

Most Sincerely
Zvonimir Cekalovic Ballón.



I would like to see you in one of my seminars. If after reading my website, you feel that this seminar is for you, sign up as soon as possible. When in doubt ... leave it aside, perhaps there are other lessons more of your taste or need.