Second Task: Giving

After years of gathering information and experiences, I developed a holistic health approach that touches all levels of existence in people. I integrate my experiences with everything else that can help me to accomplish my task as a human care taker.

I feel myself at the beginning of my second task in life. I wish to express all gathered knowledge and experiences, which I am doing already.  I started this new career when I  participated in an international humanistic event in Slovenia, years ago. The amazing reactions of the public to my presentation made me aware that I was entering into my second task in life: To Give! A large number of professionals attending can vouch for the quality of the work done, especially related to health, energy work, and personal-development. The Interviews on radio and TV, in magazines and newspapers are the results of my sharings. I witnessed the tremendous need for this type of  knowledge in their society.

Since then, I am regularly invited to offer my work, and to give interviews and lectures. At the same time, the need to share this knowledge and experience strongly grew as well. Now, I am in the phase of promoting my work in other countries of the European Community.

Now, I recognize why Dutch people were asking me to share my experiences. Working with the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level, brought me into a deeper level of consciousness. which I am sharing through my lectures and seminars. There is a right time and place to unfold conscious evolution, regardless the subjects we wish to share with the world.

I wish to reach a greater number of people interested in learning this work, as a way of helping themselves and others, without limitations. I am offering a series of workshops on emotional clarity, health and economy issues, in a simple but effective way. They are for everybody who cares about themselves and others. Curious? You are also welcome!