The combination of these three ways of working: physical, energetic and psychological, is limited only by my consciousness, and can be applied in the order that the therapist feels inspired or guided. Truth, Love, Clarity and Respect are the elements that can open up creativity in working with people. Together with the recognition of the individuality of the person, these fundaments manifest at all levels of existence.

This gentle therapy is harmless. It needs wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity, clarity, love and compassion from the practitioner. It is safe, without risk of damage to the body, and can be applied to everyone, with any physical illness, or in any emotional condition. It can be applied to pregnant women, to babies, elderly people and animals with column vertebrae as well.

Many people don't believe in the possibility of recovering in this way, nevertheless they allow themselves to receive the treatment, as a last resource or chance, because of the fear to undergo surgery. Others do because they have tried everything available and nothing helped. They are from every walk of life, students, businessmen, medical people, sports people, politicians, TV & media people, housewives, workers, pregnant women, just born babies, people with all sorts of illnesses and problems, of all ages, from different countries, etc.


I have experienced so many "miracles" all these years, that I have wonderful "insights" about the unpredictability of the human being. I wish I could share with everyone, even with people who are not interested in participating in this journey.