Psychological Approach

Through all these years of experience and sharing with people, I am more aware of how far we live our life out of reality, out of the now. Most of us live in the past and in the future, but we are not conscious of the present. All our thoughts are related to the past and to our wish for the future. So, we live in an unreal world dominated by them!

During the last years, I have been counseling more and more young couples, and experience the false image in which they start building their relationship. Before long, I see changes and I get gratitude from them. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help young people in their struggle to find out their realities!

My first emphasis is to make people aware of our reality, our mind, the way we think, the patterns of our thoughts, etc., until we grab the idea that the mind and thoughts are instruments that we must use and release afterwards, like any other instrument! This gives clarity and brings people in the present. Just by doing this, relationships change, with ourselves and with others.

It is important to be aware that every single or collective emotion we hold, has a place in our physical body. They flow along with the stream of our energy fields, experiencing them as  pleasure. Others are sticking in specific areas of our physical and energetic body, creating blockages as pain. Whenever we change the body's position or manipulate the skeleton, these emotions are released with or without awareness. ( more )

Every time I give a whole treatment, emotions release, with or without consciousness. Definitely, there are visible physical reactions in the body. A deeper understanding of the problems arises. Awareness comes about the beliefs, denials and fears related to the problems, complaints or illnesses. ( more )

All this work is made by counseling with emotional clarity. Sharing the experiences where we feel blocked or burdened by problems that we carry without solutions. We search for the energetic blockages created by the illness, complaint or emotion. By using specific physical exercise techniques, like Core Energetic, Emotional Bodywork, Character Structures from Wilhelm Reich, and other exercises, the person becomes aware of the emotional-physical blockages. Together with the mental-emotional pre-disposition, the blockages begin to be eliminated from the body.

From the psychological point of view, we learn to accept ourselves, experiencing more security within and in our actions, having more clarity of our own boundaries, we face fears with our truth, we experience more space and joy in life.  There is a better self-acceptance, as well as the acceptance of others. We recognize and become aware of our own individuality in human relations, because we learn to show our limits, pain, pleasure, boundaries with clarity, truth, respect and love.

We become aware that we are the sole creator of our own reality, and we are responsible for it. Furthermore, the duality of life is based upon pain and pleasure only, and we choose to create our experiences in one or both.  As a conclusion, we can say that there are transformations in all physical, emotional and psychological aspects, which allow us to experience a different plane of reality.