Physical Approach

I experience that the human body has its own intelligence, able to heal itself if our mind allows it. Furthermore, each emotional reaction has a resonance and a place in the physical body. This resonance transforms our reality into pain or pleasure.  To achieve the healing objective, when pain is involved, I welcome other complimentary or allopathic therapies. I search for anything that can help the body in the recovering process. It is important to know about the medical diagnosis before starting with this approach. I believe in the integration of all knowledge.

Previous to the physical treatment, there is perception work to do, to assess the condition of the person at all levels of existence. By listening to the person's complaints, I get a picture of them. I become aware of the belief system, psychological structure (personality make-up), and consciousness of the person at the present moment, etc. After this, I start with the physical procedures in treating the body. 

This is a soft, caring, deep and direct treatment to the whole bone structure. It balances organs, fluids and energy systems in the body, indirectly. When the adjustments have taken place in the skeleton, the nervous system re-starts the normal impulses, improving the health condition.

Often during treatment, I do not touch badly affected areas in the body. The (un)conscious fear of the person can trigger a body reaction, jeopardizing the flow in the treatment. Through this gently unfolding process, most of the general complaints vanish. 

The whole body receives a general restructuring and balancing treatment regardless the  area of discomfort, illness, or pain. This approach is based upon the belief of the universality and holography of the human body. It is a very safe technique and can be applied to everyone regardless age, sex, weight, or type of illness. ( Theory ) This physical treatment can be applied to animals with a spinal column as well.

Throughout the years, I have been adding new skills, experiences and knowledge to enrich my therapeutic approach. This is the result of combining my Chiropractic education with all other studies and disciplines I have experienced. 

From the physical point of view, people become more conscious of their own body and  health. They develop more sensitivity to register anomalies or illnesses. There are physiological-emotional changes. betterment in the functioning of the nerve system, which affects digestion, the acid-alkaline balance, etc. The body reestablishes flexibility by stretching the skeleton. The vertebrae's adjustments allow the nerve system to run freely, increasing the body's performance in the process of recovering health.



Pregnancy Approach

It is very important to check and adjust the bone structure of pregnant women, before and after delivery. It will help them keep their body in balance and at ease during this period. Missing the proper attention to the mother’s body structure, creates a risk of bone displacements, which may not be noticeable at first. She is not aware of her own body during delivery. The staff assisting her in the process are focused on the proper “landing of the little angel” only.  Sometimes, there are symptoms and emotional reactions that have been waiting to be released, and they use this opportunity to pop up. In general, they may  be related to past experiences, but they do use the body at the same time of the delivery. This may increase the risk of post structural imbalances in the body. People may relate them to the delivery process ( more )




Terminal Diseases Approach

The simplicity of my mind, convictions and experiences, tell me that life on earth is very, but VERY simple. It is only about PAIN and PLEASURE. We are the ones who emotionally choose them to feel the experience in our bodies.

Basically, we all bring illnesses along since the moment of conception. These illnesses are inherited from our parents and will be manifest throughout our lives, in one way or another. There are also illnesses created by a karmic reason. We can always do something to surrender and open up to our evolution when this is the case. When it is emotional, it means that we have forgotten ourselves. Therefore, we need to work on all planes of existence, for us to claim our individuation. We need to understand the physics of life creation on earth. ( more )

We are just one type of living form created with all the chemical elements that exist on earth. So if we look and copy how earth functions, how she cures herself, we will be able to do the same, to cure ourselves, if this is what we mean to achieve.

All  illnesses manifest themselves in the energetic fields of the body first, and only then come into the physical body. Most of them use temperature as a tool to destroy the defense mechanism in general. This temperature unbalance stops the circulation of fluids in the body. This action creates the right environment for offensive microorganisms to develop their own colonies within the body. Generally speaking, we can say that when an illness is developing, there are four main organs to be affected: the stomach-intestines, liver, lungs and skin.

People with illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, and any other organic disease need to put attention to the issue of temperature and pH (Acid-Alkaline) balance. Any chemical unbalance automatically increases the activity of the ortho-sympathetic nerve system.  An increase of adrenaline creates toxins in the body and uric acid in the blood. All these changes create humidity, higher temperature, fluid stagnation and gas.

In working with terminal diseases, immediately my attention deals with emotional clarity. Then I focus on intentions, energy fields, energy centers, etc.  I do concentrate on body temperature and affected organs. My intentions are directed to the elimination of humidity, the balance of hormones, the cleansing of intestines, to breathing, nutrition, homeopathy, etc.

In general, the body and organs have different measurable temperatures. I work on them by applying some balancing techniques. We need to move the stagnating fluids of the body to reduce internal heat. Once this is happening, elimination of humidity starts as well. All these changes bring balance and health to the body. Here I welcome the input of other therapists and disciplines, like colon cleansing, alkaline baths, mind control, water therapy, etc. Often "miracles" are achieved! Actually, there are laws of physics in all these procedures.

Most of the illnesses use humidity and heat to reproduce themselves. Imagine your body is your home, and your home has humidity in the rooms! You know that humidity in a closed room will produce fungus, and therefore, it will stink and be sticky, and even gas will be created in this atmosphere. What would you do to eliminate the humidity in your house, and have a pleasant temperature in all the rooms, to feel free and comfortable? Have you ever thought why you use 20 degrees centigrade to sustain a balanced temperature in the warming system of your home? What would you do to have the same effect in your body?

All this is a complementary approach and does not disturb the procedures of traditional medicine in any way.