People's experiences:

Ihave asked a few people if they would like to write a few lines about their personal experiences with my work. Many of them wrote me a letter or card of gratitude for the changes they are experiencing in their lives. It is a very intimate sharing at the level of their personal path only and understandably there are some that prefer to keep their experiences private.  Nevertheless, here are a few who would like to share their experiences with you. By the way, people in The Netherlands and Chile call me Bon or Bonny and in all other countries by my real name, Zvonimir, which means in Croatian language approx. "ring the bell of peace."

Zvonimir can  shake the participants of the seminar and to awaken us up. He creates surroundings in which we can open ourselves, unfold and grow. On a fully loving way, he re-places us in our truth nature, in our hidden beauties and more in our humanly potential to manifest. He does this with an incredible beauty, open heart. It fulfils me with joy to see how Bonny does his “work" with so much involvement, devotion, compassion, joy and love for the participants and the work he does.

The unique qualities he commits are rare. He shows us all what there is possible within these three dimensions. We can profit from his experiences and learn as whole, to look at a life in a completely different way. Furthermore, to look differently to ourselves, with acceptance, compassion, peace and love instead of judgments and self-denial.

Iam very grateful for Zvonimir to walk our earth in these turbulent times, and I feel gratitude that he is in my life.

Additionally, I am grateful for my dear brothers and sisters who have made this travel with me, during last year. Without them (no individual excluded) this process will not have been able to take place.

The year training has reached an end. I hope and look forward to a continuation of this work. I look forward to meeting everyone again in the future with Bonny as our guide. I am convinced that we all have grown already further because living it is also about growing and evolving; it is a never-ending development of the Self, the source of unconditional love which we are.

It would be so sad to see finishing this wonderful process, whereas, in my opinion, has just started the last weekend................ with small steps or large step ............ and has been in itself so much miraculous potential for all participants and not in the last place for our guide himself.
John Merkestein


Hi Bonny,

The workshop was beautiful, and I already notice many changes in myself. I feel more in contact with the earth, relaxed and above all, more ' me' , which is beautiful, I think. I feel I accept people and the things that happen around me easier, and that is why I feel more love in and around me, and I can give more love to others. I also feel changes in my body (less sweating, better energy flow, etc).

After having seen psychologists for many years, I met Bonny at a moment in my life, when I thought I was done 'therapy-ing'. When I heard about his workshop, I felt an initial reluctance to have to 'work on myself', once more. Despite this reluctance, I let myself be talked into participating in one of Bonny's workshops. I am now 2 year trainings down the line, and I can hardly believe how much I changed in such a short period of time. Bonny's workshops are a continuous series of beautiful experiences that brought changes and light into my life. I have discovered my power and I have the freedom now to make my own choices. I have learnt that in order to change essentially, you do not really have to work hard, as in psychotherapy. Bonny has taught me lovingly to accept myself as I am, and more than ever before I feel connected to others.

Yesterday I shared this with my friend, and he said he noticed these differences in me too, which was good to hear.

As to the year training - I certainly want to participate.

Dr. Joyce Rupert
Training & Research


Hello, my name is Wieck Ernstsen , I am 44 years old. In 2000 I got my 3 rd degree in Reiki. I choose to find out about Reiki to see there is more in life than we commonly talk about. I knew there was more but did not know what, and what it could do for me or what I could do with it. After having this degree I rested on myself and practiced it on myself and others. Five years later I decided to start finding more than just Reiki. I started this seminar and wished it had never ended. It's for me impossible to express in words what happened to me, my mind, my body, my energy. Bonny gave us many, many examples as well as practical as theoretical in his own way: Lots of humor and with good guidance and feeling for me in- and with the group. After it, I felt serene, clean, and had loads of energy, but most I am sure that there are so many things more than I do not know about, but I want to discover.

The experience after my first treatment in my life by Bonny, is that I felt very, very at ease and comfortable, because I only need to say a little and Bonny understands the whole thing. For me, it is difficult to express in words what I feel, but Bonny knows and understands what I feel, and can give me the right directions how to handle things. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to attend the next seminars.

Take care!
Wieck Ernstsen
Consultant ICT industry


It is not easy to bring a process of more than 10 years in only a few lines!!!!! But this is the best I will do.

After my participation in the seminar Natural Healing and Chiropractic, I understood why my work was so hard for me to do. So I knew that I couldn't go further given treatment to people in the same way that I was doing it for 10 years.!

By realizing the base of Bonny's work with the group during this seminar, I found out that there is a luck of feeling of myself,  in the way like it is. With doing some special exercises, I understand the way to ground myself. When I start to open my heart, I realize my true feelings and emotions for me and other people, not creating fantasies or wrong reality, only to confront me with my feeling in this actual moment. When I did this for three days with the love full guiding of Bonny, something did change in me. It was not only the attempt to fix the harmony inside, during traveling back home.

Irritated, full of fears and doubt, in a disorder of my own body, I met this always laughing men in the curious situation. By pushing my body, a new message arrived in my brain: there is love in this world which exist, to guide me through this life. First falling in a deep valley with a lot of hard body attacks, I found a new way by the help of Bonny. Persevering he answered my questions and gave me a heart of trust and calmness and helped me to change my body. This is a never ending process of changing and the experiences of light and love will help to manage it by my own. Also there are some questions coming always back again.

Iexperience much more capacities and a lot of new possibilities in my daily life. It is clarity and energy needed to realize my intention without forgetting myself. So Bonny, please prepare the next step for the following up, and be sure I'm with you.

Christian Jórn
Osteopath and Occupational Therapist -


Dear Bonny,
I enjoyed the November seminar very much!
In my daily life I remember things of de seminar, I experience things again as it was in the seminar and I now realize how simple is life.
I don't have to do anything ...just be in the now, to accept and enjoy life!
I have learned we are more powerful as we realize; we are afraid of our own power. In your seminar I have experienced how special it is and I would like to say to everyone: "Go to the seminar and experience it yourself. I wish everyone could enjoy it!"
We spoke about different subjects. I enjoyed every word, conversation, picture and other experiences. I found it beautiful to see we are all mirror's to each other. Each human being has his own reality.
I would like to participate in the following seminars!

The baby and the mother
Neeltje Hoonhout


The seminar had several levels. The theoretical part was an extremely enriching exercise. I really think that I learnt a lot. The energetic part was magic. The fact of feeling that I had all that amount of energy and that at last I had the opportunity to channel it in a positive direction, it was indeed a very impressive experience.

I think that for many of us it was a very deep inner effort. It was a way of looking at the internal problems and that in the three days of duration of the seminar, all these problems were getting unblocked. It was for me an encounter with my magic, with my strength, with my past lives; although I still have many things to unblock and to learn, this seminar was for me a beginning, a staring point for my personal and spiritual growth. It was a way to reaffirm the knowledge that I had always knew I have , but I have not been able to develop.

It was a very nice surprise to be there, with him, and with the rest of the group. If one see these people in the street you would not imagine how special they can be. Bonny, with his knowledge, with his warm attitude and his good sense of humor, brought us into the deepest side of each heart. one of us, and he made us feel very placid sensations, making us to discover fields of flowers in each heart, flowers with very soft colors, making us to be filled with very clear lights, charging us with energy and love.

Bonny, many thanks for the window you opened in my life and in my heart.
With love
Elvira García


Hi Bonny,

Just a few lines, that are a tough one. To be general or specific??? It is very nice to see a physician (therapist?? What do you call yourself) who tells you what might be the problem in stead of the other way around. It is amazing how much you increased the quality of my life with just a few adjustments, even though I thought I was doing pretty well to start with.

I suppose I will be a pilot on your web-site? Oh well
(She is a Pilot from a large international airline company in Europe )


His healing work is done with a beautiful warm heart, and you can feel his good intentions. I always feel uplifted and empowered after attending a healing session with Bonny. The words he speaks are wise, always coming from a place of love and joy. He speaks his truth with an open heart and free from judgements.

It is Bonny who inspired me and encouraged me to attend a Healing school myself. Bonny taught me that messages based on fear never come from the Higher Self. His best advice to me: Follow your heart and follow your joy! He encourages taking self-responsibility. This is good news. For this is where we have the power to change!

Thank you Bonny for being my guide and friend on my spiritual path !

With love,


I met Bonny twelve years ago and it has been twelve years that I have started to learn to listen what my soul and my body say. Thank you for twelve years of health and spiritual development. Thank you for having shown to me that we are divine.

Eloísa Mendez


For me Gouda is the place to be! Because Bonny lives and works there. Over the years that I go to him for sessions, Bonny is the Mirror who speaks and shows my real Self. He aligns my body, mind and spirit in one free connection. So every time I walk out straight, light and free of " dust "! Therefore I'm more aware and appreciate my way of living.

Bonny, it's such a pleasure to know you and I appreciate very much your presence and your "work ".

From my Heart,
Klaas Schoustra


I learned to live from joy instead of duty.

Liefs van Leontien,
Artist - Designer


Bonny Cekalovic, a chiropractor and healer, had greatly helped me by allowing me to experience how it feels when you open up to guidance through Love. During and after this experience I became aware that I was creating my own situations in life and that it was me and not my environment that influenced in which direction I was going. Both, the realization and the Love I experienced during this process touched me deeply and I was very grateful for this wonderful gift.

I wanted to do the same sort of work as Bonny. Helping others develop their capacity to heal themselves through Love, which is why I have trained to become a Core Energetic therapist.

Rosemary Andermann,
Hospital manager


I have learned many of my greatest lessons by sharing my fears & other emotions with you and listening to the advice you gave me to interpret into my life. Your guidance has helped me to live my life so much more consciously, and I now have a much wider view on how I see the world. This is a very big change for me!

For example I have become much more aware of when I judge myself and other people, or when I try to control and analyze situations. I used to put a lot of my energy in my head and now I am more capable to bring it deeper into my body. I have learned more to surrender, to love myself and that I can feel what I need. This has also awakened my interest in spirituality. Frthermore, I have changed my profession and entered in a school for holistic children's therapy.

Physically: When I first came I often felt a lot of pain in my neck. I rarely have this now and when I do I know much better how to let go!

I am very, very grateful for your guidance in every way!
Ingeborg Aarssen


Dear Bonny

What I would like to share about the weekend:

It was a good and instructive weekend. My body felt much better, more flowing afterwards. It was great to be in Bonny's clear energy for 3 days, radiating to everybody. To be in your heart and not in your head. To become aware when there are judgments.Bonny's clear insight in situations of before and now and in the energies of people gives an enormous extra dimension to this weekend.

On top, it was very pleasant and educational to see, experience and learn the type of healing he uses. I would very much like to participate again in the other weekends.

Dear greetings,
Cathrien Mos


The weekend emotional clarity has given me a lot. I have often looked, listened and experienced with amazement how wonderful we are and how wonderful the world around us is.

I can say that this weekend has contributed greatly to my clarity. Besides that, I found it very practical, concrete and within reach. I really experienced how I too can create and feel changes in my body and environment in simple ways.

I have enjoyed it, and have felt at home and comfortable. In my view, that is mainly due to the way Bonny guides the weekend: in a very warm and open way with space for confrontation. That set the tone, according to me, for everybody who participated.

In short, a super weekend which will be hopefully followed by many more.

Paul Brand


In the workshop, I have learnt a lot. I have become much more aware of another way of viewing and experiencing life. Bonny has shown me that by telling and sharing his experiences with the group. I look at myself in the mirror differently; I look at what I like instead of what I don't like, and I think: "today I want to enjoy life again as much as I can". I laugh at myself and feel the freedom! In the car on my way to work, I notice once more the beautiful sky as the sun rises.

I have experienced in the workshop how often I make life difficult and complicated for myself by my belief system, the rigid ways and thoughts about life and about people. And what a relief that I see and feel now that I do not need that anymore. I can let go easier and see that such is not reality. I found it very special to experience the workshop in a group and to see how everything in the weekend becomes clear. I was very nervous in the beginning, but that changed on its own, and I feel comfortable with the way of working of Bonny and his presence in the whole.

Bonny, thank you!!!! I look forward to a continuation....
Marieke Hoonhout


During a whole weekend, I experienced what it means to be with yourself lovingly, to receive love and to become ever more clear about yourself. It has touched me deeply and I still feel the Hara-connection that we practiced all weekend.

My funniest experience, as I came home, was that I found my husband smaller in size than I was used to, or, I experienced at that moment how I grew over the weekend.

I am still very grateful for this beautiful weekend!
Ineke Mangelmans


Dear Bonny,

The week after the weekend was a special experience. I came home with a deep and peaceful calmness. I was filled with love, clarity and warmth. The following day, I helped a woman gain clarity in a session of Family Constelation. It became a special session; I felt the clarity while sharing, and she was surprised that the best solution would be to start with herself instead of ruling over her sons.

The whole day I had light around me. In the contact with people, I felt love and empathy, and in the meantime I answered clearly and honestly! At school, I felt the noise around me, but in many sessions there was clarity and love, and it was so easy to say everything. The honesty and clarity in a conversation with the principal was amazing. We shared a lot and I felt a different contact.

It is very good to have this contact with love, peace and clarity. I become silent inside and it enables me to contact the energies and to tune with the right frequency.It is really special. It opens up a new world in which I want to be, exactly as I want to be. It is a fulfilling, loving feeling, balance.

So, once more..... many thanks for opening these doors, that you invited me for this weekend, and that I may feel these changes.

Thanks, very much and greetings
Kees van de Ven
Teacher & Therapist.


Hi Bonny.

I am still grateful for participating in your workshop. It was really an intensely beautiful experience, that I carry with me every day, with pleasure.

I feel much stronger and more whole. Finally, I can feel myself beautiful. Thank you for telling me that so often! And there are many more beautiful things opening up in me. Hooray!!!

I certainly want to continue with these classes in emotional clarity. If the opportunity arises...., I am very enthusiastic.

Iris vd Sar
Moving Arts.


Hi Bonny,

I wanted to mail you about the special weekend we all shared. I found it all very interesting and have been captivated throughout the whole weekend. The statement that much in our life is based on fear, and when you start to work with the autonomic nervous system you start to operate without fear and pain, has been an eye-opener. As well as saying yes to everything you meet on your path. Nothing is the same any more, even to say I love you is different.

I had a peaceful and wise feeling when I came home again, but soon repeated my old judging pattern. Swiftly, I wanted to send you a mail, but that did not work, I first had to process everything. And then when I noticed you sent me a mail, I got a very sad feeling, and only later discovered what it was related to. I always thought that after my dissociation everything would go back to my old me, my own being, the undamaged child I once had been.

I started to realize that that would never happen, that as a child, I did that all by myself, that it was a terrible decision, but necessary to survive. And if I had done that myself as a child, I can now decide as an adult to re-contact the people and the world around me, be in the here-and-now. And that is what I am doing now, more or less, to notice when I am out of contact, and to feel and become aware what happens in me when I make contact again. I very much want to give myself this contact making, and receive it too. You cannot give when you cannot receive, you said so yourself.

Thank you for the special weekend. I very much want to enrol for the 4 weekend trainings next year.

Chris Hermes


Hello Bonny,

I was very curious what this workshop would bring, because this was a first. When I received the mail, I felt I had to do this, that is why I enrolled. I found it very instructive, often confrontational.

The exercises we did were very special, some very emotional, some very clarifying, some neutral. I particularly liked to pass on the energy. I thought I would not be able to do this, but there were really noticeable effects, and I found this very special. What I found very difficult was to express how you experienced an exercise. I am daily busy with the things I learnt here. Not really consciously, but often something of the workshop comes to mind in a certain situation, and I see clearly whether I fall in a certain pattern I do not want to be in. I also try to listen more to my intuitions. They turn out to be more often correct than I thought. I also experienced operating in the group as very positive. All in all, I found it a very special workshop.



Hello Bonny,

The three days were very opening and healing to me. The structure and variation in the exercises (sessions) I experienced as pleasant and balanced. It was a rich shade of experiences that have touched me on different layers. I have contacted my inner power again, I experience a deeper acceptance of myself, more space, joy and stillness.

Bonny, I thank you for the safe and relaxed atmosphere in which I could stand out as an individual. Also for your stories and experiences that have helped me broaden my view.

Thank you,
With hearty greetings,
Sarojini de Kroon


Hello Bonny,

I have started to view the essence of life differently and that has enabled me to deal with my life differently and with more joy. All in all, I have become very curious about the source and the means that may lead to so much wisdom. Deep in my heart, I want to learn that, despite the scepticism whether that is possible for me. Preferably, I would like to pass that on to others, so that they, in turn, may find joy. That is why I started participating in his workshop, where I learnt of the methods and sources of healing he uses.

In a way, the workshop was very familiar. A lot of the things he told, were not new to me. New however was the hands-on approach. That created a nice kind of tension. To practice by myself and then see results (as was the experience of others), and then struggle with my own disbelief whether it was all true. Do I trust my own observations? What is wishful thinking, what is reality? It asks of me to be sincere and open to unknown possibilities, that lead to unknown outcomes, but I find it absolutely worthwhile to face it!!!

Thanks Bonny
Lucie Arends


Dear Bonny,

It was not easy to put my feelings and experiences of the workshop into words, and the amazing thing is - it kept changing day by day.

The workshop was very exciting. A lot of things surfaced so easily and naturally that I could not express them immediately. After a month, I can say that these 3 days gave me much, much more than I anticipated.... and even more than I thought when I just got home.

I am really grateful for all you did for me to feel and experience this. It was like finding the beginning of a long and very adventurous, but at the same time, beautiful trip. I appreciate that you share your intuition, experience, understanding as well as your deep devotion with others. I look forward to all the opportunities life offers now and especially to the new series of workshops you are planning for next year.

Every day I feel new things appearing in my life ... I noticed I became interested in the history and symbolism of medieval paintings (and I spent more than 6 hrs in Prado, the Museum of Art in Madrid) .... who would have thought that?... really a surprise..  and that is just one thing...

Thank you for everything!

All the best... and I look forward to....

Natalia Fokina


Dear Bonny,

I have experienced this too as a fine and special weekend. There was a special atmosphere in the group. The fact that we did not introduce ourselves has certainly contributed to that. In this way, we could relate openly with each other, without judgments.

Now, after more than a week, I still feel fine. I am much calmer and can put things more into perspective. I opened again the second book of Barbara Ann Brennan, Sources of Light. Yesterday I treated a friend. His knee was troubling him very much but after the treatment he could stand on it again.

In short, it was very inspiring and I look forward to the continuation! Hopefully, it will not take long!

Many greetings and goodbye.
Joke Habets


Dear loving man,

I experienced the weekend as very positive, clarifying and simple in the deepest meaning of the word... The difference between knowing in my head or in my heart.

What touched me especially was the love, the straightforwardness and the joy of Bonny. Also the simplicity with which he teaches. And his guidance to touch the essence. Separate from the circus around it. This is where I want to be. Also the statement that I can only be in 'the now'. And that I was not there before. That I have a choice!

The exercises to hold each other's heart I found very touching. That I could just be with all I am and am not, or think that I am or am not.

With cordial thanks for the precious days,
Dora Slenders
Artist & Designer


Seldom I have felt as connected to the earth as after the exercises of the first morning. Being without effort. I found myself as I know I am, full, fulfilled and connected. Soon I faced my neuroses again, but I know now what to aim for. The wish to let go of the things that keep me from being in love, has become my primary wish. Unaccustomed and unsure I was in the healing exercises. Also there I met old resistances, but I also discovered that I could handle those resistances and wounds better. That increased my self confidence.

I experienced the group as helpful, I learned from the subjects others raised. Bonny's loving and wise guidance is unparalleled for me. I would very much like to continue this road.

Frans Van Den Akker


I have found the course very pleasant and very instructive. I did not feel too well before I went to the course. But due to all the information and exercises I started to feel better. I feel now a certain calmness and believe in myself more and more.

I spread my wings more often. I wanted to thank you for all you did, because it helps me enormously.

Sabine v Dongen.


When I experience what this one weekend changed essentially and deeply in my life, I have no doubt but to continue with the group we started in.

Much love, power and light to you.
Corine van Dongen


In a loving and humorous way we learn to look inside of ourselves. With the aim to be more in the heart and less in the head. There is much space and safety in the group. I look forward to the next workshop and hope I can reach my own feelings/heart more.

Warm greetings from
Willemijn Valentijn


I really felt out of sorts for a few days. I got a lot of energy and started DIY-ing. (I have spent almost a full year on the sofa). Operating in this group is pleasant. I feel that working with 'normal' people will speed me up. Especially after the course I felt a great improvement. I could still write half a book on it, but I will stop.

I am truly very enthusiastic and would like to continue.

Thank you all!
Alex van Leeuwen


I have experienced this course as a very positive gathering. During the course, I noticed more and more revelations in myself, and this positive feeling continues. I have witnessed small miracles and am very happy about them.

Blessings for everybody and greetings from
Pieter van Dongen


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