First Task: Receiving

There is a time in our life, which we use to assimilate information - from the beliefs of our parents and society, and from the educational systems that we attend. This is a period of discovering, experimenting, adding new experiences, etc.

The combinations of these teachings, together with our experiences, are parts of our message as we share it with the world. Small or large, bad or good, all dualities have their role in our awareness and conscious evolution. Therefore, there is no need to play "little" and avoid one of our humane tasks. It is your input that we all need.

In this period of adaptation to human behaviors, we have to face many unclear emotions, as we are expected to follow the beliefs and rules of parents and culture. This limits us as an individual within society. Receiving is a huge issue and an unclear emotional act that affect us all. As you can see, this is a period of learning, in all directions.