Energetic Approach

I experience that universal energy sustains all life on earth. In China, this energy is called Chi, and Wilhelm Reich called it Orgone. Therefore, I work with hands-on healing towards the re-balancing of energy fields in the body. This powerful healing work can be performed at distance as well. It touches every aspect of a person's need for consciousness. The main energetic work I do is with several healing techniques, and they are from the experiences of different healers, combined with my own research on this subject.

By unblocking the energy centers, we restore the energy flow in the body, which we need to function at all levels. The body's awareness and energy impulses make connections, releasing blockages from the  energy centers, allowing the normal streams of the body to flow. All these centers, called chakras or vortexes, have specific connections with different organs in the body. ( more )

Here I work with different energy techniques. I perceive the energy in the chakras or vortexes, and the blockages in the fields. By hands-on healing, I re-structure the energy centers, bringing them to their original flow in the body.  I reconnect the body energy streams as a whole.

From the energetic point of view, the body streams and balances with universal and earth energies. People feel united, integrated and flowing, there is more consciousness, health improves until recovery. There is a total emotional-physical relationship awareness. Reality changes, senses develop and harmonize with the needs of the new truth, if it is meant to be so.