According to the scientific world, every second two million blood cells are produced in our human body. There are two million of them killed in the spleen in order to keep the balance. This shows us that life is an additive process rather than a subtractive one. It is a process of manifestation and transformation, which always starts by creating cells. To follow this basic principle of life on earth, we need to work on creating additive life experiences. The law of action and reaction releases unwanted experiences just by focusing on what we want.

The first additive teachings that the child needs to have, are related to earth elements, like water, sound, light, energy, creation etc. From a practical point of view, I refer to singing, swimming, musical instruments and voice, light and colors, steps to materialize, magic tricks, Chi energy, electricity, earth consciousness and emotional clarity. All these teachings are basic tasks to achieve a larger consciousness in the new generation.


Imagine yourself teaching to your child how, for example, plants and water will react upon bad words and feelings shouted at them. The water and plant will change some part of their structure to cope with this human aggression. And how harmonic their structure will become if your child tells them words of love, appreciation and joy. He will see by himself the effects of his words and feelings on these earth elements. Can you imagine the impact of these experiences on the consciousness of your child, and the effect of it on his education? Only this simple example would teach him respect for life and all others around him.


By adding these new subjects to any traditional education system, the obsolete ones will be deleted automatically. We have to teach the basic principles of life on earth to our children. They learn to live in freedom, joy and harmony with everyone and everything existing. They become aware that they are creators and able to manifest everything for themselves and others. In this way, our children have the choice to become what they already know they would be.