PhD. from the Technical University of the State in Santiago (Chili), and from the following Educational Organizations and Programs: McTimoney Chiropractor School in Oxford (England), Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida (USA), Anthony Robbins Certification Program in Hawaii (USA), Jose Silva Mind Control Program in Laredo (Texas-USA), Hanna Kroeger Programs of Natural Healing in Boulder (Colorado-USA), Monroe Institute Program Out of the Body experiences in Virginia (USA), Dr. Angel Escudero in Valencia (Spain), Dr. M. Levine All kinds of minds (Switzerland), Lynn Andrews Shamanic School in California (USA). Eric Pearl (Germany). Dr.Sha in Atlanta (USA). More than thirty years of experience in Complementary Medicine and Human Energy.


Along with the exchange of lessons learned from other teachers, I have blended their knowledge with my own researches. In this way, I have created a holistic treatment for the whole human being, regardless the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual conditions in which they are. I am grateful to those I met on my path, who helped me to materialize this approach to health, with excellent results.

The back pain that I carried for almost twenty-two years made me come into this work. Totally recovered from my health problem, I decided at first to study chiropractic. My longing for a holistic approach, made me enter in the unknown world of healing and energies. Nowadays, I share my experience and research with those who are in need of health, clarity, truth and self-love. Furthermore, with those who have not found the answer to their health issues in allopathic or complementary therapies.