Counseling and coaching

Due to the success of the suggestions that I gave on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane, people started to request suggestions on their material needs. That's how I realized that many entrepreneurs came "to chat with me only". The sessions had to do with labor, economy, and administrative issues in general. I learned that sharing with me about their business and problems, was so profitable for them!

In these circumstances, I saw myself advising with plenty of "guidance" and life experience. I realized that to manage your own life, in all directions, is a business!!!! Your body is your business and the address of your company, your organs are your workers!!!

We are created to the image of our creator, whoever it is.

This means that all we create is to the image of ourselves!

Please, read and think how this wisdom is reflected in your business.

All these experiences led me to re-focus my attention, and distinguish between those who need tips or emotional clarity in their lives, and those who need clarity and suggestions regarding what they do or want to achieve. For this purpose, I have created two types of websites: the one you are reading now for health and personal growth, and www.humane-excellence.comgif
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for the business and institutional world.


Economic success is a mechanical act of applying specific business skills, well studied and manipulated by the intellect. Behind it is the human being with all his emotions, pain or pleasure, which he applies to these business objectives.


The health and condition of your body depends on how you manage your life. Managing your life depends upon the way you deal with your emotions. If you know how to direct your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life, then you know how to manage your business with success!


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