My name is Zvonimir E. Cekalovic Ballon. Born in Chile in a northen sea-port called Coquimbo. My father was a Croatian emigrant who, together with four other brothers, sailed to North America in search of a  better life. Once there, each took his own direction. My father, together with one of his brothers, went to Chile where he married an Inca's descendant lady; the other brothers stayed in USA.


After my mother's death during my childhood, my gypsy lifestyle began. I was handled from one hand to another, from one home to another, from one school to another, from one city to another, and so on. These experiences were the beginning of my de-rooting process, from my family, my birthplace, my country. I became a world citizen for my feeling. 

I n my youth, I was with my father for a few years only, until one of us had to move away from the other again. My life went on this way until the moment that I enrolled with UNV( United Nations Volunteers). With them, I went to work with UNESCO in a literacy project in the middle East. There I was really alone and separate from the little roots, that I had left from my early age in Chile.

Being alone in a totally different society, allowed me to open up to all other cultures, religions and customs. It took very little time to release the judgments created by my western upbringing and experience. During all these years, I dedicated myself to observe people of different traditions and backgrounds. I wanted to experience their daily life and customs at all levels, in their reality.


I had the chance to experience a bit of every religion that existed there, from the Zoroastrian, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, to Baha'i . Due to my respect for every spiritual belief, I was invited to participate in their ceremonies and events, without commitments! The combination of my own western cultural and social background, together with these experiences from the middle East, gave me a different global view about humanity and religion at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual . 

Coming safely to Europe, out of a tumultuous socio-political outburst in the country were I was living, changed my life totally . From DOING into BEING! By accepting life day by day, a new sort of inside came to my consciousness. In one or another way, my psychic perception of reality started to be manifest clearer than before. This was always there, but I was not aware of it. This involuntary opening to “the knowing," allowed me to be mindful of many things about myself and others. Painful memories of my past, and blockages that I was building started to emerge into my consciousness. I was unaware that I was creating and reacting to life, based on these wounds. As I was placing my awareness on my own feelings and experiences, I started to see them in other people's life too.

As a kid, I wanted to become a doctor, a dentist, an architect, etc. Later in life, I recognized my intellectual deficiency to achieve these studies. In those days, dyslexia and some sort of autism were unknown to science. I do realize that my intellectual inadequacy is my greatest gift, it makes me to develop other latent talents to fulfill my life as it is right now. I do feel blessed by it!  My skills in “knowing," are beyond the five common senses. Some people call it sixth sense, Intuition, vision, etc. I call it emotional clarity.


I owe so much to those who allowed me to touch them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Furthermore, I feel the wish to share with others all the wisdom gathered from their and my own experiences. I know this is the second task of my life, and I am creating it through my public activities.


I have settled down here in Gouda, The Netherlands together with my Dutch wife, children and grand children. I am really grateful to them for their presence in my earthy journey.