Healing with your hands, rather than a science,
is an act of love for humankind.

This seminar is for people who are interested in the healing arts and would like to get some experience in them. It is for anyone who is curious, or just would like to help others and does not know how, like parents with small children, athletes, students, etc. Any one who wants to know a bit more about it.

From a very logical explanation about healing and how it works, we will come into the unknown of the energy world, until this new reality is accepted and understood. Many physical techniques will be safely experienced and practiced by you. You will get confidence to work on your dear ones or on your own personal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

If you are really interested in participating and you have doubts, I suggest you read the people experiences link, Otherwise just go straight to the subscription form.  Be sure that you won’t regret to have participated.!